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Women's Guild

The Women’s Guild sponsors and organizes a myriad of activities throughout the year, for the edification and spiritual development of its members and the parish community at large.

The Guild came into existence about 52 years ago and was called the Young Women’s Guild, comprised of young married women.  Now known as the Women’s Guild in all Diocesan parishes, members are comprised of both single and married women of all ages.  In its “hey day,” the Guild had very successful events and was known – as it still is today – as one of the long-established backbone of the Armenian Church.

The Women’s Guild is governed by the Women’s Guild Central Council which serves as a coordinating and advising body for the Women’s Guilds throughout the Diocese.  The By-Laws describe the purpose of the Women’s Guild as follows:  “To encourage, assist and teach our members and preserve and to live the Christian faith according to the teachings of the Bible and the doctrines, traditions and heritage of the Armenian Church.”

Members assist the Pastor and Parish Council in numerous ways for the moral, spiritual, and material growth of the parish through visitations to community members, sponsoring programs on special occasions, and raising funds for projects to enhance and preserve the Church’s heritage for future generations.

Members of the St. Sahag & St. Mesrob Armenian Church Women’s Guild can be frequently seen behind the scenes at almost every parish affair and in the forefront of major activities with the preparations for the Annual September Picnic and Christmas Bazaars.  Family Night dinners are had six times a year and a major event is held each spring to raise money for specific and ongoing projects.  The Women’s Guild is also a proud sponsor of several Armenian orphaned children through the Children of Armenia Sponsorship (CASP) program, which was initiated over two decades ago by the Women’s Guild Central Council.

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