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The Armenian Church Youth Organization of America (ACYOA)


The Armenian Church Youth Organization of America (ACYOA) is the national youth program of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern).  The ACYOA’s mission is to create a greater sense of spiritual culture and tradition and to instill within its members a true spirit of civic mindedness.


ACYOA's objectives are: 


  • to encourage its members to learn, practice, uphold and propagate the principles and teachings of Christian faith according to the doctrine, sacraments, and canons of the Armenian Apostolic Church. 

  • to support and work for the strengthening of the Armenian Church and to promote the study and appreciation of the Armenian culture and heritage. 

  • to strengthen spiritual and social bonds and to contribute towards the development of a healthy community life among Armenians. 

  • to enhance and strengthen among its members the spirit of human freedom, universal justice, and brotherhood of men, and devotion to duty as good citizens, dedicated to the service of God and Country. 


Joining ACYOA Juniors 

The ACYOA Juniors are teens ranging from ages 13-17 who participate in a full program of spiritual, cultural, social and charitable projects.  These include serving on the altar during Sunday services, feeding the homeless, participating in Habitat for Humanity and other similar projects, assisting the parish in varied capacities, and fellowship through various regional programs sponsored by the Diocese and other social events. 


About ACYOA Seniors

The ACYOA Seniors consists of college youth and young professionals.  Members in this group come together on a more social level and take on leadership responsibilities within the Parish.  Several members go to Armenia each year.  


More information can be found by accessing the national organization’s site at:

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