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The Permanent Endowment Fund

Preserving Our Legacy



Dedicated to the preservation of our Parish Legacy through a sustainable financial future, the Permanent Endowment Fund (PEF) and its committee serve as the custodians of the Parish’s long-term invested assets.  These funds have accumulated over the years through the generosity, ingenuity and dedication of parishioners and past committee leader, growing to over $3 Million in total value. Disbursements are made in accordance with the conditions set forth by donors and are implemented through the guidelines approved by the Parish Assembly.


These disbursements provide essential support in maintaining normal Parish operations while also providing a significant number of scholarship opportunities for the religious and cultural development of our Parish Youth.




Early Parish Leaders foresaw the need to establish an endowment, creating what we today refer to as the Core Fund. To infuse additional funds and increase participation, a Memorial Hall Fund drive was held. Together, these funds served as the foundation for the regular disbursements that support day-to day operations of the Parish.


In addition to these funds, the Parish once also owned land originally intended to serve as a campground for our youth. This land would eventually be sold, and the proceeds would establish the Campground Fund which would be earmarked for the purposes of supporting the development of the youth in the life of the church.


As if our Parish’s deep commitment to the youth was not clear enough, several parishioners generously contributed to an additional fund earmarked for the youth, establishing the Memorial Hall Youth Fund. As a result, the youth of our Parish have been blessed with many opportunities to participate in life-changing experiences whether through trips to Armenia and Jerusalem or the life-long friendships they establish at camps and sports weekends.


In recent years, the Parish has been fortunate to have received the two largest individual bequests in the history of our Parish. First, in the amount of $100,000 from Araxie Soghomonian Mektarian and the second in the amount of $700,000 from Rose Arslanian. Both acts of incredible generosity demonstrate both their commitment to their church and their devotion to its legacy.


Going Forward


While the PEF has a treasured history of dedicated leaders and generous contributors, the committee knows that we must continue to do the most we can in the time we have. Sadly, many of the great builders of the legacy we have today are no longer with us. Yet they left us the example to follow and share with future generations. As such, we are constantly looking for new people to join us in this endeavor of preserving our great legacy. Whether it is through your leadership, your contributions or an idea you may have. Your contribution is the fuel to move us forward.

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