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Armenian Heritage Store

The Armenian Heritage Store is located in Hayatian Hall in the back of the church complex and features books, tapes, CDs, Armenian art and other items. Be sure to visit the store next time you come to Church.

Facilities Management Committee

The Facilities Management Committee oversees the outside rentals of both halls.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is charged with planning ahead for the financial security of the church. This committee works with other committees and organizations including the PEF and the Facilities Management Committee, as the income derived from these sources is reviewed for present and future budgetary allocations. The Finance Committee is headed by the Treasurer.

Grounds & Maintenance

The Grounds and Maintenance Committee is responsible for the overall maintenance of the church complex and grounds. This includes repairs, restorations, renovations, expansions and the necessary landscaping and upkeep of the church complex.

Hokejash Committee

The Hokejash Committee prepares a hokejash (memorial luncheon) on the day of a funeral, in memory of the deceased.

Youth Committee


The primary purpose of this committee is to serve as an advocacy group for the youth of our parish and to ensure the promotion of year-round activities geared for the youth. These activities include athletic, social and religious activities as well as providing financial and moral support to the youth.



For further details on the above standing committees, please contact the church office.

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